I always found a way.

My motivation and determination started from a young age. I am a thalidomide and I was born without legs.

I always wanted to be the same as others and sometimes I would overcompensate what I did. As a child seeing a ladder I would challenge myself to climb it. I wanted to skip, ride a bike , roller skate and climb trees and I always found a way.

I wore artificial legs which were more of a hindrance I would take them off and find my own way.

As I got older I joined paraplegic games. I threw javelin, shot put and bench pressed. I stopped when I was having my baby.

When both my girls were born my friend had a child who developed a virus and became severely disabled. I said I would help, so I decided to raise money by walking 22 miles in the Lake District. I trained daily for 6 months and then went on to do a tandem sky dive, Army assault course and scuba diving. I never liked to be told that I couldn’t do something. My view is you don’t know what you can do until you try.

When I found out my daughter was doing a wing walk I wanted to know if I was allowed to do it . Life Changing Challenges made this possible.

I wanted to do a final challenge as I am in my mid fifties and my joints are not as strong as they were so it was now or never. I knew it was something I could do and I did.

Doing these challenges gave me a feeling of self achievement both for doing them and helping others at the same time .
The wing walk was such an adrenaline rush and I loved it. And yes I would do it again.

Guest blogger - Jacqueline Harper

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