Machu Picchu Trek experience - Never have I......

“Never have I ………….

  • had to use a squat toilet
  • had so many mosquito bites
  • had so many nosebleeds and blocked nose
  • smelt so bad (not washing in 4 days!!) and been so dusty
  • had to stop after 10 steps to catch my breath (and wondering if all the hours in the gym actually paid off)
  • wanted a hill to stop as much as I did with Dead Woman’s Pass
  • slept so little and walked so much (over 123,500 steps/900 floors)
  • had my legs and hands swell"

……so you think I didn’t enjoy myself????? Read on….
“Never have I…..
  • had a selfie with an alpaca
  • eaten an alpaca (not the same one but on the same day!!)
  • eaten guinea pig
  • eaten baby condor
  • eaten such nice food on the trek (how Cecilio managed to cook what he did in the middle of nowhere was amazing)
  • eaten homemade nachos
  • felt as though I was in a film set and the mountains were on a green screen
  • seen hummingbirds close up
  • seen Andean turkeys, guinea pigs and toucans
  • drank so much coca tea (and chewed the leaves)
  • white water rafted down a Peruvian river
  • salsa danced in a Peru club
  • drank pisco sours and Winay Pichu cocktails
  • had just wonderful smoothies and juices (passion fruit was a favourite)
  • taken so many shots of a different culture
  • felt in awe of the beautiful mountains
  • felt comradeship like I did on the trek
  • had just a great adventure”

I was a pleasure and a privilege SEXY PUMAS
Now when someone says do you want to have a look at my holiday photos there is probably going to be  BIG GROAN!………..but humour me, take a look……...
Guest blogger - Tracey Hutchison

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