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Primrose Hospice is an independent charity, offering care and advice to patients living with a life-limiting condition and supporting their families in the north east Worcestershire area.  we rely on the support of individuals and businesses to help us to raise the £1.75 million needed each year for us to provide our services free to all who require them.

We have a day hospice providing a range of support for patients. Patients can also benefit from our nurse led clinics, physiotherapy and occupational therapy services, spiritual and emotional support. Some clinics, including lymphoedema, are also hosted at the Hospice. 

Primrose offers emotional support to adults, patients, carers and loved ones through the Family Support Team. The volunteers see people in their own homes or at the Coppice Centre.  The Family Support Team offers an empathetic ear to support people on their journey through the different stages of a life-limiting illnesses.

Our service can work with individuals or support the family together. Our Family Support Service can support families through this extremely difficult time, and we will try to ensure we provide a service which meets each family’s individual needs. Discussing all the available options can also help with any decisions that need to be made. The social worker can also assist by liaising with other agencies and services and advocating on behalf of the family.

Children may experience several different feelings when a special person in their life has a life-threatening illness or has died. They can feel disbelief, anger and sadness and they often express these feelings in behaviour rather than words. The Family Support Team can also help children create memory boxes and books. It helps them feel close and connected to important people in their lives.

Memory boxes and books can also be used to let a child know things about a person who is seriously ill and may not be around in the future or has died. They can also be a record for children who are too young to understand what is happening but will cherish the information when they are older.

Darren Bullows, a primrose wing-walker chose to support us after his father-in-law was cared for by us and his family since supported by our Family Support Team. Darren describes just what a challenge it was.  The 38-year-old’s wing walk became the hot topic of conversation at work and with friends and family with many calling him ‘mad’ for being strapped to the wings of a plane while it is in flight. While Mr Bullows was calm in the run up to the wing walk, his nerves did kick in on the day.

“The wing walk was difficult to prepare for so I had been telling myself it would be like going on a rollercoaster at a theme park. Once we arrived with the Aerobatics team I was nervous but had the opportunity to see a few flights before mine which was great. Soon the nerves were taken over by adrenaline which actually helped.

As soon as the plane fires up and you hear the noise it is amazing. I was smiling and feeling a buzz throughout.”

Having the opportunity to offer people the chance to do a Wing Walk is simply incredible for us. It has absolutely taken off in the first year of us undertaking it with a phenomenal £17,000 being raised, which just makes such a difference to us here at primrose. 

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, wish to take on a new challenge or it’s a tick off your bucket list, we are here to help you achieve it all whilst helping us to support people living with life-limiting illnesses.

If you choose to undertake this brave challenge and feel you can support a charity whilst doing so, please do consider supporting us here at Primrose. We can ensure on-hand support from our fundraising team, assistance and guidance with fundraising to ensure you reach the target and would be so overjoyed to welcome you to Team Primrose. 



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