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The Aspinall Foundation

Who are we?

We are an animal conservation charity dedicated to protecting endangered animals around the world. We work in conjunction with Howletts and Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks in Kent, well known for their successful captive breeding programmes.

We believe that animals belong in the wild. Our Back to the Wild initiative, has already seen an impressive number of animals born at our Kent parks return to their natural habitats.

How fundraising challengers help us?

We do not receive any governmental funding to fund our work so we rely heavily on generous individuals taking it upon themselves the fundraise on our behalf. With our supporters help, Western lowland gorillas, black rhino, Javan langurs and gibbons, European bison and clouded leopards are now not only thriving in the wild, but are also successfully breeding.

What can you help with in 2019?

Upcoming projects include sending Zambezi the critically endangered Black Rhino from Kent to Tanzania where he will live his life in the wilds of Africa in a protected reserve and hopefully breed with wild females. As there are now only 5000 Black Rhino left in the wild it is vital that we do what we can to help protect them before they go extinct.

Why do a challenge event?

Challenge Events are a great way to get involved and experience something new. They are a chance to achieve a personal goal, meet new people and explore the world whilst making a positive impact by helping us to save endangered species.

There is a challenge event out there for everyone, big or small it all makes a difference. If you are feeling brave and fancy an adrenaline rush you could take on a sky dive or wing walk. If your sporty and want to push your limits try a marathon, cycle or swim. If you would like to get the whole family involved why not do a sponsored walk or take part in our fun runs. If you are looking for a fun team event join in with an obstacle race like Tough Mudder or Gung Ho! Explore the world and raise funds at the same time by climbing Kilimanjaro, trekking the Great Wall of China or exploring Machu Picchu, there are so many expeditions to choose from.

Our supporters have taken on a huge range of challenges for us including, skydives, abseils, swims, fire walks, marathons as well as overseas adventures. Here is what Becky and Vicky told us about their experiences:

Becky: ‘’I decided to fundraise for the small carnivore section at the Aspinall Foundation in order to raise money for a new fishing cat enclosure at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park as well as raising awareness for the lesser known small carnivore species. I undertook a skydive in order to raise money, not an easy feat as I don’t like flying in planes let alone the idea of jumping out of one. It was a huge challenge for me but I did it and loved the experience’’.

Vicky: “After visiting Port Lympne Wild Animal Park I became more aware of the great conservation work that the Aspinall Foundation do around the world. I’ve always enjoyed swimming and recently started taking part in open water swimming and thought a great way to combine these two interests was to take part in the Great Scottish Swim and raise money for the Aspinall Foundation. The water in loch Lomond on the day was very choppy but it helped to spur me on knowing that I was raising money to help send endangered animals back to the wild”.

It would be fantastic to gain new supporters and fundraisers in 2019 so we can continue to send animals like Zambezi back to the wild and protect species from extinction. 

If you would like to help support us please visit:

Or email for more information.

Thank you.

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