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Life Changing Challenge events all abide by a 'Leave No Trace' outdoor ethic to promote conservation in the great outdoors.

We have asked a few of our friends to write guest blogs on the subject of  'Leave No Trace' to help educate people and prevent the potential impacts that these issues can have on our environment.

The first environmental guest blogger is from Easy Eco Tips who provide many useful tips for everyone to follow and can be found on Instragram @easyecotips ............

Have you already been on a hike, on a walk in the middle of the nature or even relaxing on a hidden beach where you could spot plastic bags, empty bottles, and plenty of rubbish?

Unfortunately a lot of the rubbish out there is left there by accident, by people like you and me! We can lose an empty bottle or a sandwich packaging during a nice family picnic, just because of the wind! So what can we do? The best way to make sure we leave the nature clean is to go zero waste. Because the best waste is the one that is not produced, there are many simple tips we can give you to go greener and leave zero rubbish wherever you go.

Pack a backpack for all your stuff. No need for plastic bags! Fill it with the following items:




Instead of plastic bottles buy a reusable and foldable bottle, that you can refill for free at any pub, restaurant or public fountain.  You will save money, and you won’t produce waste!





Wrap your handmade sandwiches in these reusable beeswraps. They will keep your sandwich fresh, delicious, and you can wash them after by hand. No more sandwich packaging!





If you smoke, carry with you a portable ashtray, it is the size of a keyring, and you will be able to take your cigarette butts with you until you find a bin.




You don´t need plastic cutlery! It always breaks, and will most likely be lost somewhere. Get yourself a nice reusable cutlery set that you can carry with you!




If you are interested in discovering more simple tips for your daily life on how to get greener and go zero waste, find us on Instagram @easyecotips!

Guest Blogger - Easy Eco Tips


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