Tonic Music for Mental Health

Tonic Music for Mental Health





Tonic Music for Mental Health is a not-for-profit organisation based in Southsea, established in 2012. 

Tonic offers people opportunities to take part in relaxed and informal groups to learn skills such as music theory, technique, repertoire development, stylistic awareness, achieving a good tone, overcoming nerves and anxiety, performance technique and making practice productive and beneficial.

The support Tonic offers is designed to increase confidence, reduce isolation and promote individual recovery through relaxed and informal music-based support. We encourage open discussions about mental health and promote peer support and friendships beyond the groups. In the current climate of austerity measures and government cuts, services available to people with mental health problems (particularly within the arts) are too often limited and hard to access. We aim to support people who may already be receiving input from mental health services and those who have not had any previous contact to provide an inclusive support network to help people in their recovery.


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