John King Brain Tumour Foundation

John King Brain Tumour Foundation

Telephone:  0208 894 1111 


The John King Brain Tumour Foundation is a registered charity supporting the Atkinson Morley Wing of St George’s Hospital, Tooting, UK, treating Glioblastoma brain tumour patients. With your support we are fundraising for the McKissok Ward garden, surgical equipment and research not currently funded by the NHS.

The charity’s first major project is to raise money for a state-of-the-art microscope, not available through NHS funding. This will allow more of a brain tumour to be removed during surgery prolonging a patient’s life.

Ultimately, we want to support research into this fatal cancer which receives only 0.5% of all government cancer research funding and has an average life expectancy of just 15 months. Sadly, many more young people are being diagnosed with malignant brain tumours. Brain tumours kill more under 40’s than any other cancer. 

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