Formation Wingwalking Challenge - Headcorn Aerodrome, Kent


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Formation Wingwalking Challenge - Headcorn Aerodrome, Kent
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Availability: Places still available

We are now able to offer this amazing challenge for you to experience the thrill of formation wing walking from this private aerodrome for one of our partner charities.

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Formation Wing Walking Challenge

Dates available (Headcorn, Kent base)  

The Headcorn aerodrome in Kent have availability on weekdyas only, between April to October 2024.

Share your wingwalk experience with a breathtaking formation wingwalk, taking to the skies in a simultaneous and spectacular joint flight.  You will fly in close formation on take off and move onto head on passes, then line astern flying and back to formation before landing.

This incredibly unique experience offering two wingwalkers the opportunity to be part of their own private, formation wingwalking display.


Self funded - £1,200 per couple

Fundraising option (cost of the challenge is paid from the funds raised) - £2500 per couple

£100 Deposit to secure chosen date for 2 joint flights. 

£40 for each HD Film (Purchase on the day, ready to take with you to watch as soon as you land!)


Available by appointment only at Headcorn Aerodrome on Weekdays

Both wing walkers to weigh no more than 85kg

A 10 minute airborne flight on our two beautiful stearman biplanes; G-WWLK & G-WGWK flying in formation

2 highly skilled pilots, specialised in low level and formation flying

Viewing area with outdoor seating directly in front of wing walk aircraft for friends and family to watch and take pictures of you getting strapped in and flying directly overhead, for the best view! 


  • A warm welcome by Wing Walk Team

  • A 45 minute briefing delivered by our team to demonstrate; preparing the participants and explaining what to expect from the Wing Walk and Health and Safety procedures.

  • Please allow a minimum of 2 hours between your briefing and completing your Wing Walk

  • A 10 minute airborne flight

  • Opportunity to tailor your flight with the Pilot to either achieve the maximum adrenaline experience for you or a more relaxed flight

  • Viewing area for friends and family to come and watch

  • Option to purchase a recording of your Wing Walk from 2 on-board HD camera’s with Pilot commentary

  • A certificate to confirm the completion of your Wing Walk Experience 


  • The Wing Walker must be aged between 18 - 80 years of age

  • The Wing Walker must weigh no more than 85kgs (13st 4lb)

  • The Wing Walker must be able to climb up to the rig, situated on the wing of the aeroplane, unassisted

  • The Wing Walker must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs on the day of the flight

  • The Wing Walker will be required to sign a declaration of fitness at the briefing

  • If the Wing Walker suffers from high blood pressure, epilepsy, fainting, blackouts / dizziness, heart or lung disease you cannot participate. If your medical condition is being managed; you may be able to participate and should discuss this with your GP / Consultant and provide proof of this before you fly.

  • If the Wing Walker suffers from drug or alcohol addiction, mental health issues, or are pregnant they will not be able to participate.

  • The Wing Walker must be able to withstand the wind pressures experienced while flying at speeds of up to 120mph

  • The Wing Walker will need to be available for a 2 hour time slot, from the point of briefing, on the day of their wing walk


On payment of the deposit we will contact your chosen charity to let them know you are supporting them.

Once you have raised the minimum donation the charity will cover the cost of the challenge.

The wing walk challenge is weather dependent therefore it may be wise NOT to book and pay for any travel and accommodation in advance.



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