Wing Walking. What an experience!!

I only realised I was an adrenaline junkie when I first did a Sky Dive in 2017. What an experience!! I was hooked on the adrenaline rush, the excitement mixed in with fear and the huge high it gave me.

My next challenge had to be a Wing Walk, free as a bird in the sky looking down at the world. A new challenge but nothing could be as challenging as what my brother faces everyday.

Steve has Motor Neurone Disease, he was diagnosed when he was 48 years old. MND is a cruel and incurable disease. My brother can no longer walk, stand, eat,  has twitching muscles, cramps, is always tired, has muscle wastage and has lost weight due to having a peg fitted that feeds him directly into the stomach as he can no longer swallow.

I loathe MND! Why my brother? Everyday I feel such sadness, fear, grief, heartache, frustration and anger. You have taken away the things my brother loves, his daily walks with his beloved dog, going to music festivals with his daughter, going on holiday, his independence, hugging his wife and daughter and holding his grandchildren.

This disease is devastating, however, my brother is the strongest, most courageous person I have ever known. He never gives up and grasps every minute. It's either sink or swim and he has such strong human spirit. He is incredible and so strong.

Although MND is taking over my brothers body, it cannot waste away the love that we all share. The love and support we all have for each other can never be broken. I feel so blessed to have Steve in my life, I treasure every moment with him. He always says 'keep smiling' and that's just what he does. He continues to influence and inspire me everyday.

Doing this Wing Walk was one of the most exciting and extraordinary experiences of my life and I will never forget it. I had to do someting positive for my brother and his charity. The MNDA has been incredibly supportive to my brother and his family during this heartbreaking and difficult time.

A Wing Walk is a must for everyone!!

Thank you, Sara .  To donate please click here.

Guest blogger - Sara Davies

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