• Wing Walking Adrenaline Charity Challenge

    Working alongside the Aerobatic Tactics team we are able to offer this amazing challenge for you to experience the thrill of a wing walking ride from this private aerodrome in the heart of Essex for one of our partner charities.


  • Kilimanjaro  Challenge

    The expedition offers you the challenge of trekking the highest free standing mountain in the world and Africa’s highest peak.


  • Vietnam Challenge - 2018

    The expedition offers you the challenge of trekking through some of the most beautiful and un-spoilt mountain regions in the world for an amazing taste of South East Asia.


  • Iceland Trek - 2018

    This Trek will take you to the very best sights in Iceland - Lake Frostastadavatn, the Ljótipollur crater, Brennisteinsalda volcano, Sudurnamur mountain ridge, Vondugil Canyon and Blahnukur peak.


  • The Lakes, Biggest and Longest

    The Lakes Biggest and Longest challenge is almost a complete crossing of the Lake District National Park from South to North.


  • The Yorkshire 3 Peaks: June 2018

    The Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge is an alternative to the national 3 Peaks challenge, almost as tough but without the travelling in between the mountains.


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