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Contact: 0773 8231260

MASScot is a charity for people affected by Melanoma, we aim to give one on one support, offer a listening ear and point you towards the relevant service with any questions you might have. 

  Toma Fund

Toma Fund



Contact: 0191 495 6179

Supports children, teenagers, young people and their families in the North East and Cumbria who have been affected by a diagnosis of childhood cancer.





Twitter: @AbbiesArmyabbies army

 450 UK children are diagnosed with brain cancer every year, very often devastating the risks of disability remain high and chances of survival low . Abbie’s Army are supporting the vital research of the Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre (CBTRC) at the University of Nottingham. Completely reliant on funding grants and public donations they are committed to a better understanding of these tumours and are pioneering a brighter future for patients.






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Twitter: @kitoffforcancerKOFC

KOFC started in 2010 from a simple facebook status, asking if people would get their kit off to pose for a calendar, which would be sold & used to raise money for a cancer charity. and it just went from there! The whole project was started because I (Kelly) had lost a fair few family members to cancer & also because at the time my sister had been diagnosed with a brain tumour. I just wanted to do something to try and raise money for these charities that work so hard to find treatments & cures.


The Katy Holmes Trust


Contact: 01772 490718

Katy Holmes Trust



The Katy Holmes Trust was set up in memory of our beautiful 10 year old daughter Katy who died from a rare brain tumour in January 2012 after a brave 3 month battle. We have since discovered that brain tumours are the BIGGEST cancer killer of children in the UK and yet the most poorly funded by Government who only give 0.7% towards research. Our aim is to raise the money to fund paediatric brain tumour research ourselves and find the cure.



Brain Tumour Research & Support


Contact 0113 247 3766

The vision is clear and simple – we want to find a cure for a devastating disease that affects so many people. Around 5,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with a primary brain tumour each year and around 700 of them are from Yorkshire and receive treatment through the Leeds Teaching Hospitals. Within that number, around 25 are children – brain tumours kill more of our children than any other cancer.


Taylan's Project



Email:                    mail@taylansproject.comTaylans Project


Facebook:             Taylan’s Project

Twitter:                   @TaylansProject

Contact No:           07974 438 395


More children and people under the age of 40 in the UK die of a brain tumour than from any other form of cancer, yet less than 1% of national spend on cancer research goes on brain tumours. With more than 120 different types of tumours requiring different types of treatments, brain tumours are a notoriously difficult disease to diagnose and treat.  We focus on funding vital research to improve the quality of life for brain tumour sufferers and aid the search for better treatments, with better outcomes whilst raising the national awareness. 
















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